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Best Shower Enclosures, Glass Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures- now that you need a new shower enclosure there are few aspects about it that needs to be considered:

  • The shower enclosure should fit in the designated space.
  • It should be as per your taste
  • The enclosure should be equipped with all the functions as per your requirement.
  • It should necessarily accentuate your bathroom.

Shower enclosures are available in quite many types but most of them have a tray at the bottom and a few use floor tile. Basically, a shower enclosure can be defined as one or more panels enclosing a shower area, some models come without doors. The way or procedure to check if a particular shower enclosure is for you or not then just visualize that in the shower area you are standing with your back corner imagine the position of your bathroom windows and doors. See for other obstructions like toilet and lavatory are positioned. Now try imagining that you are opening the door of the shower enclosure so if the door opens on the left side then you need a left handed shower enclosure and vice versa. Thus when you shop from our online shop it is possible and easier to judge this parameter as you are in the place of installment. After this, another important decision is to decide on the type of glass that you need for you shower enclosure like laminated, coated, tinted, or tempered. There is a variety of option in the design of glass also like clear, frosted, rain, cast, and colored. Ideally, the thickness of the glass should either be 8 mm or 10 mm.

Types of shower enclosures:

There are so many types of shower enclosure designs and configurations to select from. Depending on the size of your bathroom and your style preference you can select the shower enclosure.

Quadrant: This shower enclosure is made to fit in the corner of the bathroom or en suite. The curved frontage is just perfect for the tight spaces and gives a very cool and modern appeal. If your bathroom has limited space then this shower enclosure with sliding shower doors will prove to be a great decision both from the aspect of aesthetics and functionality.

Square:If you have no constraint from the space aspect then square shower enclosure look very modern and stylish. Also because there is no curve the square shower enclosure provides versatile options in case of the doors and frames.

Rectangle: If there are no space issues then going for the big rectangular shower enclosure is nothing less than a dream and is just the best option for them who demand plenty of freedom in the bath.

Framed: These are the traditional and economical shower enclosure and this type focuses more on the usability than the looks. Traditionally it comes in brass or bronze frames but presently chrome finish for a sleek look is also quite popular.

Frameless: The Frameless Shower enclosure is the need for contemporary looking and functioning of a bathroom. The look is that or minimalist and this allows light to pass for a spacious and airy feel. The shower doors are made of the single glass panel that pivots out in the room. It is easy to clean and maintain. Also due to the baked finish, it helps to repel scum and water spots.

Tiles and glass: Try to be different and thus combining dark colored tiles with the rippled glass window can be a better option and will allow plenty of light giving the shower a bigger look.

Hinged: In this shower enclosure, the doors are minimally styled to give a very open and airy feel. They are same as pivot doors but with the difference that hinged joints hold them in place of pivot pins. This leads to giving a wider entrance space and accessibility needs.

Sliding: In place of swing door you can opt for sliding shower door this will give increased space for bathroom fixtures.

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