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About us

EZ Technology Inc is an online company dealing in a wide array of bathroom products like shower enclosures, shower doors, frameless shower doors, glass shower enclosures, shower screen, sliding shower doors and a lot more shower accessories. As a company we focus on Research and Development, design, production, packaging, and sales of shower enclosures and shower accessories.

Ever since, when we started the company has increased manifold in terms of its revenue both nationally and internationally and also in terms of team size. In short, our journey has been phenomenal. We have established ourselves as the best renowned company for best shower enclosures.

We have always focused on bringing innovative and upgraded products for our customers. We have the best state of the art machinery to produce the finest products. We as a company are able to perform independently complete the system tests of shower enclosures As per the norms of the industry.

Paying attention to fine details without affecting the quality and looks is our vision and motto and we work towards this goal with great diligence. Change is the only constant and we try to incorporate sustainable innovation. EZ technology employs efficient processes, quality manufacturing, exclusive customization, integration, and innovation and this makes us a company that is here to stay